Ghana Police Cautions Against Planned Demonstration In Support Of Black Lives Matter

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The Ghana Police Service is advising against any planned intention to demonstrate against the United States in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Protest marches have broken out in cities across the United States of America and other cities around the world have seen people call for an end to racism and justice for George Floyd.

George is the latest unarmed African American who has been killed by white police officers.

There has been social media chatter among Ghanaians to stage a protest march in support of the African American protesting in America.

However, the Ghana Police Service has cautioned against it.

“The restrictions on public gatherings, demonstration and rallies among others to contain the COVID-19 are still in force and the public is being advised to disregard the ‘open call’ for a march,” the police statement said.

Will you still go out and protest despite the police caution?


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