Billboard’s Top 5 GH Artists Based On YouTube Views

Billboard released a list of the most watched artists across Africa.

They called the list, the “Most Watched Homegrown Artists Across Africa”

The report looked at ‘local heroes’ in over 11 African countries and ranked them based on the number of views they have got from YouTube within a year.

Shatta Wale leads the pack with an impressive 13.26 Million views in a year in total…

These are the Ghanaian artistes who made the list as well as the number of views they have also also raked in within a year.

Shatta Wale – 13.26M views

The controversial artiste is huge with a very loyal fanbase known as the Shatta Movement. He definitely drops more music than any other top artist in the country and has, hands down, one of the most impressive comebacks and rebrand in the Ghanaian music industry.

shatta wale
Shatta Wale

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