A Complete List Of Undergraduate Courses Available At KNUST


Code Title
101 BSc. Agriculture
879 BSc. Landscape Design and Management
880 BSc. Agricultural Biotechnology
108 BSc. Natural Resources Management
735 BSc. Forest Resources Technology
886 BSc. Agribusiness Management
1045 BSc. Aquaculture and Water Resources Management
102 BSc. Biochemistry
103 BSc. Biological Science
109 Doctor of Optometry (OD)
547 BSc. Food Science and Technology
548 BSc. Environmental Science
1422 BSc. Environmental Science (Obuasi Campus)
105 BSc. Human Biology (Medicine)
106 BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology
981 Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)
1277 Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) (2 Years Top-Up) (Practicing Pharmacists Only)
110 BHM. Herbal Medicine
531 BSc. Nursing
912 BSc. Nursing (Emergency option) (Practicing Nurses Only)
1370 BSc. Physiotherapy and Sports Science (BSc. Sports and Exercise Science)
1371 BSc. Physician Assistantship
802 BSc. BDS (Dental Surgery) (Fee-Paying)
882 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
952 BSc. Midwifery (Females Only)
418 BSc. Midwifery (Sandwich) (Females Only) (Practicing Midwives Only)
1374 BSc. Medical Imaging (BSc. Sonography)
953 BSc. Disability and Rehabilitation Studies

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