What We Are Listening To This Week: Neverland By The ART

Cover art for the song, NeverLand

Finding great music sometimes needs a lot of digging but sometimes they just land on your lap and it’s always a pleasant surprise.

I found new music from an artiste called The ART, titled NeverLand and the name immediately stood out cos honestly, tell me it does not make you curious about his music.

cover art for the song NeverLand by The ART

I immediately connected with the song, mostly because of the message and the fact that we have all definitely reached a point in our lives where we felt the same as the artist who describes himself as a creative who endeavors to push the limits of creativity.

The ART image via the artist

The song feels like a gateway into the artist’s mind which he refers to as a playground of emotions: joy, fear and anger.

His thoughts are all over the place, acknowledging his problems, the stress, confusion…and he finds himself going back to ‘NeverLand’ a place where he is allowed to be the child he once was, with zero cares in the world.

Anyone who’s watched or read Peter Pan knows what NeverLand means. It’s a fictional place in the story where people never aged…an endless childhood. 

“Neverland is a story of my trip back to the past. A craving for the sense of euphoria that lies with being a child and being ignorant of the struggle it is to be in the world. Having the courage of innocence can be such an advantage we often overlook”

Right in line with the theme, once the song starts, you hear kids laughing and playing before he starts to sing about his struggle.

In the song, The ART, despite the empty feeling he’s had. he still believes it’s temporary and knows he’d figure things out. (Maybe because of those trips to his happy place in NeverLand)

“As new as any sort of growth can be, there is an associated confusion which proves difficult to adjust to except given some time.”

The ART image via the artist

“I was hit by the sudden realization of taking full responsibility for myself and how much of a daunting task that could be to many young adults. But even in feeling lost I remain undeterred because nobody can take care of me better than myself. I assumed roles bigger than my shoulders could bear because I didn’t have as many options as I’d wanted but I came out alright…a man”

Basically, shit happens, we overcome and we move but…stronger!

Listen to the song, produced by Marow and Mixed and mastered by Joker Nharnah on all streaming platforms here: NeverLand by The ART

And listen to it here:

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