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Amidst all the challenges we’re going through during these times we have to continue with school and getting good grades and this is why the SRC has stood with our interests and sent a letter on our behalf proposing that the administration of the school reviews our grading system in these times we’re in. Below is a draft of the letter.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Academic and Students’ Affairs
The University of Ghana Legon.
Dear Sir,


The office of the SRC President together with the office of the academic affairs committee of the SRC write to your noble office for the consideration of an adjustment of the current grading system on the basis of extenuating circumstances; a non-academic emergency outside our control that occurred during the semester which has affected our ability to attend or fully participate in the online academic system for which we are petitioning.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly and evidentially affected the global social institutions including the delivery of educational services.

After thoughtful consideration and extensive consultation coupled with data collected from the students concerning their experience with this new system of teaching and learning, we consider it prudent and apt for a corresponding adjustment in the current grading system.

The University of Ghana has activated its virtual learning programme since April in order to reach students with the planned academic programme.

The leadership of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) however raised a few issues that they felt might affect the e-learning measures.

Below are some challenges students are facing with the e-learning system and for such reasons, we ask for a review in the overall grading scheme of the university for undergraduates
The issue of, non-availability of internet services in some parts of the country and the fact that some of the students do not have access to laptops, as well as the fact that some students have some disabilities that may make it difficult for them to be able to use that system.

Generally, quizzes conducted during this period are short time-bound, which ordinarily would not have been so should we be in school.

Unstable network and disruptions on the SAKAI LMS platform, interfere sometimes and even if it affects 1% of the student population, it’s still going to have a toll on that section of students.

Such an individual perhaps would have done better should he or she be in school with a convenient environment to study.

Every single week students have multiple assignments which give them very little time to even study.

They only read to answer the assignments in most cases. There’s, therefore, the tendency that should the end of semester be time bounded quizzes, which we believe most would, some will be unfavored in that regard.

With reference to your communique titled communication to all students dated April 18, 2020, on updates on the enrollment of the UG online teaching and learning program, it was mentioned that for final examinations, take-home tests should be largely administered and that has been stated clearly in the modalities for the conduction of the second-semester examinations.

Despite this clear directive, we have seen notices from some lecturers on their preparedness to use real online tools to conduct examinations instead of the earlier agreed and communicated take-home tests as examinations.

We ask your office to ensure all lecturers abide to the agreed modality for examinations.

Due to the inconsistencies on the mainly used platform for this rollout thus SAKAI platform, we ask that lecturers should be strictly advised not to use only time-bound quizzes in their continuous assessments for students.

We have received numerous complaints of students not being able to complete such quizzes on the Sakai platform due to the unresponsive nature of the platform at instances when there are a lot of students accessing the site at the same time.

Again, the conditions home are not as convenient as being in school. Some students make a living for themselves and their families. In that view, the new adopted exams structure compared to the usual norm of being on campus, may not be fair to some students.

While we admire the efforts of our hard-working lecturers during this pandemic, it is in the same vein that we register our utter frustration about those who have not paid attention to the problems we face since the e-learning program was introduced.

The table below is the proposed grading system for the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

We are available for any further engagement on these matters mentioned in our letter..

Letter Grade Marks Grade Point
A 70 – 100 4.0

B+ 65 – 69 3.5

B 60 – 64 3.0

C+ 55 – 59 2.5

C 50-54 2.0

D+ 45 – 49 1.5

D 40 – 45 1.0

E 35 – 39 0.5
F 0 – 34 0

Thank you!


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