The Ultimate Gospel Playlist For Every Final Year Student Now.

Grace Ashy and Cindy Thompson photo via
Grace Ashy and Cindy Thompson photo via

Yesterday was all sorts of emotional torture for students in general.

The father of the land, President Akufo Addo addressed the nation and gave us the 10th update on measures taken to fight this pandemic i.e COVID 19

In the beginning, when he started to address the issue on education, we all thought *we are all in this together* (refer to High School Musicals part 1 if you don’t understand) but alas the woes of returning to campus affected only the final year students.

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Below is a playlist specially curated for all final year students. These songs speak volume about our current predicament.

Listen to these carefully and let the words resonate with you……. and whichever part you can relate to, just set an alarm for 2 am and wake up, shout HERHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and quietly go back to sleep.

Ama Boahemaa – Wo Ba Eko

Click on the numbers below for more……………………………..


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