Let’s Get You Hired: How To Present CV Content And Land Interviews

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Joel Kojo Abaka Anaman is a Medical Representative and a Career Coach/Strategist. This week on Let’s Get You Hired, Joel takes us through one of the three things that define every CV. Those three things are Content, Context and Structure. Today, we will give you some tips to make your CV Content better.

You Need To Go Beyond The Job Description

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Usually, when Kuulpeeps.com posts job vacancies, we attach the responsibilities of the role being filled. So, on your CV when you write about past jobs that you have had, you can’t do the same thing. You can’t just write your responsibilities in those roles. In fact, I can hop on Google right now and find descriptions of what people are supposed to do in basically any role.

So instead, your CV Content needs to communicate something else. Your CV Content needs to represent you as an individual and not just describe the roles that you have held. Employers need more tangible information about your abilities in order for you to get a callback.

“It is—important to highlight the impact and positive change you have led in organizations you have worked with, while you define your activity.”

– Joel anaman

So, how can you tell an employer about your value using the roles that you have held?

Attach Numbers To Everything

CV Example (Truncated); Source: Zety

According to Joel, you should see numbers in your CV as colour in a picture. It allows employers to objectively see what you are worth. And it really is not as hard it sounds. Joel gives us an excellent example of how you can attach numbers to your responsibilities: go through the tasks that you performed every day in the roles that you held. For example, if you engage with customers over the phone, how many calls do you take every day? Have you ever led a team? How many people were on the team, and what did it work toward?

One big step to take at this stage is to make good use of numbers; absolute numbers or percentages.

– joel anaman

Numbers are how you show your capacity. They are how you show exactly what you are capable of. However, there is a final piece of the CV Content puzzle, that will make employers want you for their company. That is, your impact. Or put differently, the results of your actions.

Results Are What Make An Employer’s Mouth Water

CV Example (Truncated); Source: Zety

According to Joel, results is the language that employers speak, and they expect to see this on your CV. Joel categorizes results in four main categories. These are four questions that can help you materialize the results of your past positions.

  • How much increase did you cause in revenue?
  • How much time and resources did you save?
  • How much did you decrease in losses/expenditure?
  • To what degree have you reduced risk for the company?

“You may include a brief summary of your roles and responsibilities, in a single line, before highlighting your impact.”

– JOel Anaman

Your impact is the change that you have brought to past companies. It’s what employers are keen to see when they look at your CV.

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

Source: Joel Kojo Abaka Anaman, MPSGh; Joel is a member of the pharmaceutical society of Ghana and a Career Coach/Strategist.


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