Inside Nigeria: The “Curse” Of An Android User

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It is very frustrating to keep seeing a number of people spewing such ignorant statements on Social Media and oddly, I feel embarassed for them.

It first came to my attention when someone sent an email to @joroolumofin, the Nigerian self-acclaimed love doctor, stating that she wanted to date a guy but she was uncomfortable with the fact that he used an android phone.

Screenshot of a dilemma sent to @joroolumofun

At first, it was funny, but since then, I’ve seen more and more messages on his platform where ladies and sometimes guys called using an android phone a deal-breaker. They loved everything about the opposite sex but what disqualified them was the fact that when they took out their phones, it was an android instead of an iPhone.

Screenshot of a dilemma sent to @joroolumofun
Screenshot of a comment sent to @joroolumofun’s post
Screenshot of a dilemma sent to @joroolumofun

First of all, this is so superficial that I still cannot wrap my head around it. Secondly, it’s so odd that these people did not for once even check the prices of the phones. Some of these android phones are so expensive and are still fire to use.

Screenshot of a dilemma sent to @joroolumofun

The standard Samsung Galaxy S20 price is $999, with the price going as high as $1,499 for the top-tier Ultra device.

On Amazon, Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked is being sold for $530 and the Google – Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Just Black is being sold for $479.

Funny thing is you can get a used iPhone XR 64 Gig for about GHS 2650 which is 177,563.77 and less expensive as compared to the phones mentioned above and these phones are amazing.

They are usually dissed because of their camera qualities but we won’t talk much, just check out @ishotonsamsung. He shoots and edits pictures and videos all on his Samsung phone.

I really think that by now the whole “If I’m using an iPhone I’m better than you” banter should be stopped and not only as a determinant for a relationship but in our everyday lives.

Phones do not measure the worth or even wealth of people. Neither should they be a determinant as to whether or not you can like someone.


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