Are You Ready For Life After The Coronavirus Crisis?

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This is an opinion piece for Roland Ofori

I guess many of us can’t wait for things to return to normal when all this is over. I personally believe in the next couple of weeks, the virus will be contained across the world, we can walk freely on our streets  again and savor with appreciation all the good things life gave us which hitherto we took for granted.

But one thing I am certain of is that things won’t be normal as we expect it. The truth about the crisis of this magnitude is that  it rubs something off you which either makes you better or worse. The outcome is all in your hands.

A lot of the way we do things will change drastically, you will require more resilience, open-mindedness, adaptability, perseverance and focus to navigate through the interesting days ahead of you.

You may be required to change or find new a job, build new alliances, cut off certain relationships, forge new paths, take risks, start new businesses, learn entirely new skills, etc…and you must be ready when the time comes.

This period of lockdown is an amazing opportunity to reset your priorities, build on the wealth of your knowledge, revive, and renew your strength. I tell you that you will need to be stronger and wiser and more resilient if you want to live your best life after this crisis. That is why it is critical you are circumspect in how you conduct yourself in this “restrictive period”.

Don’t deplete your energy and build anxiety, giving in to all kinds of negativity because of the chaotic information you open yourself via social and traditional media this information will raise your adrenaline but will reduce your confidence and deposit a more dangerous virus in you, FEAR! 

Many of us at the moment may seem calm and confined o the comfort of our homes, but our minds are all over the place, there is no rest, we are full of anxiety, fear shakes us to the very core. If you don’t take charge now and rather focus on building a reserve of strength through useful information  and inspiration, you will come out very exasperated and not ready to face what lies ahead. As the Akan adage puts it “nea aka akyire na endoorso”  literally meaning “ what lies ahead is more daunting than what has passed”

I will, therefore, encourage you to make the best of this lockdown. Truth be told many of us will never get such period to rest, revive and take stock of your life for the remainder of our lives  here on earth. 

So make the best of it.

I will leave you with my TO DO LIST during this lockdown:

  1. Read some books( at least 3)
  2. Be a better father and husband by spending quality time with my family.
  3. Mend any broken/neglected relationship which is of value to me
  4. Reach out and help the vulnerable in my own small way
  5. Build my spirituality through consistent prayer and meditation
  6. Intercede for those affected and the health professionals at the frontline
  7. Review and refine my life goals
  8. Make progress with my next book project
  9. Exercise and eat healthy
  10. Learn a new course online

I will be glad to know your TO DO LIST. Please share

This one too shall pass.

Roland is a Blogger at He is an Engineer by training, Marketing Professional, Husband, Father, and a reading enthusiast.

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