5 Red Flags In A Relationship That Lead To A Break-Up

couple arguing photo via freepik.com
couple arguing photo via freepik.com

Every relationship is fun when there’s maximum understanding, trust, love, privacy and much more. It is the kind of relationship envisioned by most guys and ladies.

But there are quite a number of people who overlook some red flags while dating or courting with the hope that things would change later or they would pick up other values and spice needed on the long run.

However, those relationships later collapse or lead to unhappiness, abuse and frustration.

Below are some red flags you should note. Then you can discuss it with your partner or counselor on way forward.

 If sex is the only bond

Black Couple Arguing Stock Photos And Images - 123RF
arguing couple photo via 123rf.com

There’s this myth going around that a guy or lady can only know if you love them through sexual intercourse. Although Sex is not everything, it means a lot in a relationship So, they want to satisfy their partner at every point in time because they know if sex is removed from it, the bond between them is lost. Even when they quarrel, rather than settling their differences, they end up having sex and the matter is left unsolved.

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