Meet NiiQuaye And His Exceptional Atomic Muse

The Musician, NiiQuaye

For most people, the word musician just brings to mind a singer or rapper but what they do not know is, musicians entail more than that.

We are talking musically talented people who can do so much with instruments as well.

NiiQuaye is one of those.

A musician.

NiiQuaye of the Musical Lunatics //image via NiiQuaye

NiiQuaye is a well known producer and instrumentalist in music circles and is the founder of a band of lunatics (his words not ours) who are crazy about making amazing music… they call themselves the Musical Lunatics.

Sounds cool right? Well, wait till you hear them play.

He’s played for several artists including Cina Soul, MzVee, Kidi and more and doubles as an artist manager as well for Boyd, BiQo and Alee who are featured on his debut project, Atomic Muse. 

cover art for Atomic Muse by NiiQuaye

Named after the hood he spent most of his years (Atomic Junction) and where he recorded most of the songs, the 7 track EP has features from super talented artistes in GH and Nigeria.

We are talking about the fast rising Nigerian singer Goodgirl LA and Cameroonian singer based in Ghana, T’neeya as well as Sister Deborah, Cina Soul and of course the wordsmiths Kojo Cue, Wanlov and the very enthusiastic CJ Biggerman. 

One of the things that stands out most on this multi genred project is the production that can only come from organic additions from live band infused beats.

From the fun filled Uber that featured CJ Biggerman and whose production took all of our attention…to the RnB song, Anger which was an absolute vocal delight, Atomic Muse is quite an enjoyable experience.

NiiQuaye of the Musical Lunatics //image via NiiQuaye

Atomic Muse is just one part of a 14 track project and we cannot wait to experience more of his genre fusion and authentic sound. 

Get Atomic Muse on all streaming platforms here: Atomic Muse.


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