Do You Know Who A ‘Pick-Me’ Is? No? We’ve Got You Covered

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You might see the term ‘pick-me’ flying around on social media. If you’ve seen it enough times, you might have an idea of what it means, but just in case you don’t, we’ll tell you.

What Does Urban Dictionary Have To Say?

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A woman who wants the attention of the opposite sex (or same sex) so badly, she’ll throw her fellow woman under the bus. Usually starts her sentence with, ‘I’m not like the other girls…

So basically, a pick-me is someone who talks down on other people of their sex in order to score points with people of the opposite sex. For example, a girl on the internet might talk badly about how other girls don’t know how to cook, but she herself does. That is 100% definitely pick-me behaviour.

The term can refer to both male and female, but it is usually used to refer to women.

How Are People Using The Term?

Source: Urban Dictionary / Twitter


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