Deborah Dzifah: The Orphan With MPhil In Agricultural Economics Who Is Helping Other Orphans

DEBORAH TAMAKLOE DZIFAH. Photo Credit: Ghana Women Matter /Facebook

Sometimes, the best people who can help you are those who have lived through a similar situation you find yourself in.

Deborah Tamakloe Dzifah grew up in Baptist School Complex and Orphanage from 2005 to 2012.

Dzifah’s remarkable life journey presents the symbolic possibility of rising from despair to hope.

Dzifah is trained in agricultural economics (M.Phil.) from the University of Ghana. 

Upon finishing her first degree at the same university in 2016, she founded the Charis Touch Foundation, a charitable organization that provides support to orphans and vulnerable children.

As an author, she shares a life journey in her upcoming books, Beyond the Orphanage, and Forest in the Wilderness.

She recounts her past, provides insight into life at the orphanage, and establishes policy direction to salvage those in her condition. Proceeds from these books, again, will go into supporting her benevolence.

Dzifah resides in Ghana but shares her passion with the world at

Source: Ghana Women Matter||

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