America: The Land Of The Free? Is This Really The Case?

Americans protest in front of the White House
Americans in front of the White House

Black Lives Matter – something one needs not to protest about.

However, various cities and states in the United States of America – the supposed shining example of a democratic country with freedom and justices – are in turmoil.

Not because of the coronavirus pandemic – because of centuries old institulatinized racism ingrained in both the public and private sector.

Racism in the police force means unarmed black men who pose no threat have been shot and/or murdered by armed police officers – often with no probable cause.

It’s a long list of victims, however this recent racism fight was ignited by the murdering of George Floyd.

George was an unarmed black man who arrested by police officers. He was beaten in the police vehicle according to a video released by hacking group Anonymous.

But before that video surfaced, the shocking video of George lying helplessly on the ground while a police officer, who was reportedly once a work colleague of George, knelt on his neck.

George reportedly told police officers that he couldn’t breathe before he passed away. has chosen not to share the video as many have complained that the video triggers a psychological trauma.

Since that video went viral, black people and allies of the black community took the streets of the various states, including Minneapolis where the incident occurred to call out police brutality and once again echo the three words “Black Lives Matter.”

However, the protest marches turned violent and it degenerated into riots.

Buildings and vehicles were torched. Groceries shops were looted and police officers still used excessive force.

Today, the most interesting thing that has happened is Anonymous joining the fight and shutting down police run websites. They hacked police radio networks and also exposed Donald Trump as being accused of sexual abuse.

America – the shinning example – is being called out for the inhumane treatment of the almost 13% of its population – the black people.

In London and other European, protestors marched to the US Embassies in their respective countries to protest the police brutality of black people.

However, it hasn’t been bad all round. Some police officers also joined protestors and even took a kneel – in line with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s protest move.

When all is said done and after these riots have died down, will Black Lives Matter?


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