9 Annoying Myths About Introverts That Hurt Our Feelings

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So, people actually study personality in academia. In fact, there is a really popular model called Myers-Briggs. It groups you into one of 16 personalities. And half of those personalities are introverted.

What I’m saying is… if half of the population is introverted, we need to stop being misunderstood all the time. Here are some things that people get wrong about introverts.

1. All Introverts Are Shy

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Shyness is not exclusive to introverts and not all introverts are shy. Introverts just tend to process things internally rather than be vocal about their thoughts.

2. Introverts Don’t Care

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Introverts can be reserved when it comes to showing emotion, and this might make it come off as if they are unemotional. Just because I don’t narrate and act out how I’m feeling doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything.

3. Introverts Have Low Self-Esteem

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When people think of confidence, they naturally think of people that are outgoing. But introverts are confident too, it just shows in different ways. I don’t like to stand out but thank you very much, my self-esteem is just fine.

4. Introverts Don’t Like Working In Groups

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When an introvert is in a large group and they feel their voice is not being heard, it sucks. And we don’t really speak over people. However, small groups where everyone is participating are fine.

5. Introverts Don’t Like Talking

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Some people don’t like silence. They prefer to fill quiet moments with conversation about anything. But introverts hate small talk. They would rather care about what they are talking about than just talk.

6. Introverts Just Want To Be Left Alone

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Extroverts are people who are energized by interacting with people. Introverts also enjoy company, but they need to be alone to regain the energy that they expend when they are with people.

7. Introverts Don’t Like To Go Out

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Introverts generally just don’t like to stay out for as long as extroverts. However, we tend to be very open to new experiences and to try new things.

8. Introverts Are No Fun

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First of all, that’s hurtful. Secondly, I do see the appeal of loud music and a lot talking and noise, but it’s just not for me. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-fun. Fun might just look a little different for me.

9. Introverts Can Fix Themselves And Become Extroverts

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Introverts have their strengths and extroverts have their strengths. Forcing introverts to behave like they’re extroverts really no need. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Are you an introvert ? What’s the silliest thing that someone has said about the way that you are?


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