This App Gives You The Ability To Use Multiple Accounts For Apps

These days, most social media apps allow you to log in with multiple accounts. That list includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and all your games only allow a single account. Whatever the app is, Parallel Space gives you the ability to use multiple accounts on it.

Parallel Space Is The Name Of App (For Android).

App Preview For Parallel Space App From The PlayStore

You can find this app on the Google PlayStore as Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face or click here to go straight into your app store.

And This Is Why You Need It…

  • If you need multiple accounts for your WhatsApp, for example, for your business account as well as your personal account, you can use this app.
  • There is also the added benefit of getting some privacy on your phone. You can other accounts for your apps in Parallel Space and no one who goes through your phone will notice your private content.

What do you think? What are you going to be using this app for?


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