The “Loose Girl” Myth. Here’s What You Need To Know

Image source: RUBEN CHAMORRO

There are a number of tightening products on the market and they all push the same agenda. They promise to make you so tight that your boyfriend or partner will think you’re a virgin.

The truth of the matter is that the vagina walls have muscles which contract and relax when something is moving in or out.

It usually relaxes and expands for you to be able to have sex and will snap back to its previous size after a short while.

Don’t let any guy make you feel bad because you’re “loose”. Vaginas do not come in one size. They come in different sizes just as penises come in different sizes. Just as women can accommodate guys who are medium or small in size, guys should also understand that this really isn’t a one size fits all thing.

Having a lot of sex doesn’t make you loose. This myth was created to prevent promiscuity in women but we need to know better and move past this.

Your lady parts may loosen a little after childbirth and because of age but there are a couple of exercises such as the Kegel exercises that can help with that.

Please try as much as possible to avoid those products which are sold on social media that promise to make you tight. You cannot guarantee the products they’re made from. Even though most of them swear that they use natural products, the vagina is a really really delicate place and those products can change the pH of the place and even cause yeast infections.

The next time you hear this myth floating around loosely in your circles, educate them using this article and walk away with a smile.


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