5 Things You Don’t Want To Wear To A Ghanaian Wedding

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Ghanaian weddings are legit fun to be at… especially when it’s time for item 13. Lol.

Celebrating the love of a close friend or family member is always a vibe and a happy occasion. What makes it even better is the way everyone is excited including the priest/pastor.

We usually can’t wait for the vows where each person professes their love for the other and we wipe our tears of joy. And oh! The you may now kiss the bride, where some couples are shy to kiss in front of everyone and so they show something smaaall but we all know they do better than that behind closed doors.

Now as a wedding guest at a Ghanaian wedding, in as much as the attention will be on the newly wedded bride and groom, people will definitely look at you and judge you by your clothes.

We are here to help you out so you won’t feel embarrassed at your friend’s wedding. You’re welcome.

1. Ladies, don’t wear black

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This isn’t the movies or USA where you can wear just any colour at all to a wedding. No matter how stylish the dress is, keep it for another occasion. Unless you are told that black is a part of the colours, don’t even let the colour tempt you. If you wear it, it’s either you’re planning the death of their love, you hate the couple or you’re against their union. Anyways the aunties will pry and reach their own conclusions.

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