10 Nostalgic Games We Used To Play As Kids In Ghana

Image of girls playing ampe Source: globaltimoto.com

If you don’t know at least 8 out of these 10 we compiled, then we don’t know if you are truly Ghanaian.

In this particular Top 10 episode, we decided to take you on a journey back to your childhood. Those carefree days where you didn’t have a care in the world. Look at you now. Sigh.

What we did realise though is that we really used to hurt ourselves all in the name of games or “just playing”.

A clear example is the game of zanzama. If you didn’t say “zanzama” before sitting and the person you’re playing it with sees you, he/she could knock you in the head so hard.

Other games include alikoto, ampe, kalo, ky3 mup3 and tumatu/peele (hopscotch).

Watch the video below, as we take you all the way back to when you had no bills to pay.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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