Why It’s Crucial Shatta And The Militants Get Back Together

Shatta Wale and the Militants image via YouTube

Rumours had been slowly building up claiming Shatta’s loyal militants had ‘broken up’ with him and yesterday he confirmed it when he went live on Facebook and crushed the Militants (Addi Self, Joint 77, Captan) in the usual Shatta Wale ‘finish him’ way.

Shatta might say “they have shaa” and some of you may not know their music individually but this split is going to be a big problem for us music lovers.

Call us selfish but we need them back together.

Shatta and the Militants are that special music combo you never want to get tired of! 

Some artistes  just have some chemistry that’s undeniable!

Look at Kanye and Jay Z, Sark and Efya, Manifest and Worlasi, Ayisi and EL…. some artistes just give us magic when they pair up and Shatta’s ultimate pair was the Militants.

Imagine a world without Thunder Fire!!!!

That song that can turn a dead crowd alive in seconds! Doesn’t matter if it’s the MC or DJ just playing it… this song makes you turn up!!!!

“Thunder Fire” by Shatta Wale ft the Militants

You need to understand that if they never come back together… hmm you know what that means?

We won’t get another national anthem.

Forget the one you sang in school. We are talking about the biggest jam that catapulted the Militants into the limelight and earned them a spot on Kuulpeeps first Emergers Edition… Taking Over. 

Taking Over by Shatta Wale and the Militants

An anthem that is chanted by everyone no matter where they are. In troskis, pubs, the streets… everyone knows every single line to the song!

Shatta and the Militants need to sort out their issues.

If not for anything, at least for the fans right? The Militants plus Shatta is mad joint after mad joint and we need that. 

We really do! Cos songs like Forgetti (which they made with Shatta too) were definitely made for times like these. 

Shatta Wale ft the Militants on ‘Forgetti’

Exact moments like these. 

source: kuulpeeps.com

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