#Framed: How Dancegodlloyd’s Father Mr. Theophilus Konadu Became A Viral Sensation

The quarantine has done one good thing, it has brought families together. We constantly see videos of people interacting and having fun with their families, but Dancegodlloyd’s family, the Konadu family, by far, has entertained us.

Speaking to Dancegodlloyd’s father Mr. Theophilus Konadu (papa Dancegod) in Kuulpeeps Framed, he explained how he got into dancing. As a dance enthusiast growing up, Papa Dancegod won all his dance competitions.

As a lover of Reggae, the recent music trend doesn’t suit his taste of music.

According to him, the entire family thought he was archaic and wasn’t trendy but he proved them wrong when he stepped on the dance floor with his moves.

After the video went viral Papa Dancegod has become a viral sensation, which has brought him some sort of fame.

The Konadu Family (image via Kuulpeeps)

Check out the entire interview below;

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Source: Kuulpeeps

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