YouTube Adds Chapters To Make Video Navigation Easier

YouTube Adds Chapters To Make Video Navigation Easier

YouTube is making it easier to navigate longer videos with its new “chapters” feature, the video streaming site announced. After receiving positive feedback on chapters during a testing period, the feature will stay on YouTube permanently as of May 28th, YouTube told Engadget in a statement. Chapters are available on the web and in the Android and iOS YouTube apps.

Viewers can click on chapters to jump to a specific part of a video and rewatch video clips —  a more convenient alternative to scrubbing. Chapters are visible at the bottom of the video player and show timestamps from the video description. Chapters are optional and will only appear if a video creator chooses to include them. Creators can only use chapters if the first chapter starts at 0:00, the video has at least three time stamps or chapters and if each chapter is at least 10 seconds.

Source: Engadget

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