Vacancy: Site Acquisition (SAQ) Coordinator Wanted

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The SAQ coordinator will work alongside other SAQ staff to undertake stated responsibilities which should be achieved in a timely manner.

Your Responsibilities In The Role

  • Ensure that set SAQ targets are achieved within agreed timelines
  • Supervise the activities of contractors/vendors engaged by the company on-site acquisition activities and file appropriate reports
  • Negotiate and ensure outstanding novations are executed and file progress reports promptly
  • Ensure rents are negotiated within levels approved by SAQ Manager/Head of LEgal
  • Cooperate with sales and marketing/operations teams and other operators regarding site acquisition and site-related activities
  • Ensure internal and external customer satisfaction for all services
  • Ensure all relevant permits are obtained from permitting agencies (Municipal/Local Assemblies, GCAA EPA, etc.) regarding site acquisition and erection/renewal of Towers
  • Be conversant with all legal requirements on-site acquisitions/collocations and requirements of NCA
  • Prepare and keep up to date data/documentation of all site acquisitions/collocations, rents particulars on leases/licenses, etc.
  • Maintain cordial relations with landlords and report on any issues not settled with landlords that need to be escalated for resolution
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The Ideal Candidate

  • Should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • Should have 3+ years experience in site acquisition/collocation activities
  • Should have experience/knowledge in site management and/or basic law
  • Should have experience in negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Should have good knowledge of MS Office
  • Should have skill in customer relations and networking
  • Should have the ability to work in dynamic and fast paced environments
  • Should have the ability to perform accurately under pressure, meet deadlines
  • Should have the ability to adapt and be flexible in approach to work
  • Should be results-oriented and have the ability to set and meet targets and report against them to internal and external parties
  • Should be determined, proactive, persistent and driven to meet and exceed targets given
  • Should have the ability to work well and in harmony with other employees
  • Should be a quick thinker, innovative and willing to take initiative
  • Should be able to exhibit integrity and honesty

How To Apply

Good luck!

Source: JobTube Ghana


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