Joey Lit Collaborates With Brazilian “Vario Scorres” To Showcase Ghanaian Streetwear Culture

Free The Youth Collab with @nike AND @FootLockerEU FOR THE Nike SHOXFlag of Ghana

Joey Lit has collaborated with a Brazilian creative community in São Paulo, to showcase the culture & way of life before and after Quarantine. This material was all curated from Joey Lit’s phone camera rolls.

Free The Youth has the main aim to empower all African youth to penetrate art scenes around the world, with African inspired street-style and culture.

Being the only African on this project with other creatives in Brazil shows how cultures are merging via Social Media and the internet,” Joey Lit says in his Instagram post.

Free The Youth is a group of creative young individuals who are interested in art, street fashion, and aim to empower the young generation to take their love for art across borders.

Free the Youth collaborated with Nike and FootLocker EU for NIKE  SHOX last year which was the first-ever Nike and FootLocker collaboration in  Ghana. They told their story through the Nike Shox and how vibrant the streetwear culture is in Ghana.

In an interview with Joey lit details how the coronavirus has affected their plans, “COVID-19 has affected our yearly schedule in numerous ways in terms of campaigns, collabs and projects. This first quarter was scheduled for a lot of Youth Engagement Projects and traveling to connect with other creatives around Africa. We are still working on our new collections and restructuring our yearly plan. I’ll say we’re coming back stronger than ever after this.” He said.

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