How Josephine Godwyll Who Won A UK Grant Plans To Fight Coronavirus In Africa

Ghanaian entrepreneur Josephine Marie Godwyll has won a grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering to help her company fight the coronavirus pandemic in Africa.

According to a statement by the British High Commission in Accra, the funding was initiated by the Royal Academy of Engineering in early April as the rapid transmission of COVID-19 gripped countries around the world.

Talking about how she will contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Josephine said Remote learning platforms have never been more essential. The benefits of e-learning have been further illuminated not only as an alternative but a necessity due to the disruptions in traditional approaches to learning in these atypical times.

She said Ananse At Home, is a homeschooling program based on the ‘Ananse The Teacher’ e-learning platform, which uses stories and games to explore learning modules in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), art and literacy, through hands-on activities conducted with everyday materials found at home.”

“Designed with a full awareness of the constraints associated to access, the app can be deployed on both phones and computers through both online and offline engagement.

We believe this programme, which is part of the Lab and Library on Wheels project, is the kind of disruptive innovation that is needed especially in such a disruptive time.”

The High Commission’s statement said Josephgine’s team has created the Ananse The Teacher App, which had been adapted into a homeschooling program called [email protected]

It said the free app provides a range of home-learning modules for children aged 8 – 14.


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