Ghanaian Owned Skincare Brands To Buy Skincare Products From

A set of products from @nokwareskincare

Skincare has become a growing industry in Ghana and we can’t help but feel excited about it. People are investing in good skin choices and are trying so hard to take matters into their own hands.

Gone are the days where we used our bathing soaps and sponges or face towels to scrub our faces. We know how damaging that can be to the sensitive skin on our faces and how different soaps have different chemicals that may be the ones causing the rashes or acne we are experiencing.

Some Ghanaians have taken the initiative to make products for the Ghanaian people because who knows your skin and how the atmosphere at this side of the world affects you better than your own countrymen?

Here are some Ghanaian skincare brands to purchase from.

1. Bareskinn

Image of the facial cleansing brush from @official_bareskinn

They sell facial steamers, facial cleansing brushes and a 3 in one brush which serves the purpose as silicone cleansing brush, face massager and an under eye massager as well.

2. Skin Gourmet

Image of a set of products from @skingourmetgh

Their products are made with absolutely no preservatives and they encourage the use of their wooden spoon when taking any. They say their products are so pure that you could eat them. They have clay masks, black soaps, exfoliates and a range of oils to choose from.

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