An All Men Panel Discussing Menstruation Sparks Outrage

The all men panel on menstruation

Today, the world is fighting a coronavirus pandemic, but it is also discussing ways to improve Menstral Hygiene, especially in disadvantaged communities.

The topic of menstrutation is a sensitive one and efforts have been made to nomalize it and highlight issues women go through because of menstration.

There have been situations where women and girls who cannot afford sanitary pads have resulted in various unhygenic means during their menstrual period.

Also, menstruation has been regarded as filthy in some communities such that women are not allowed to mingle and even share the kitchen when they are on their period.

As part of efforts to generate discussions about the various issues surrounding menstruation, and NGO Girls Flow Free, chose to select an all male panel to discuss the topic.

This has been a series of engagmenents and it happens that the day for the all male panel was today.

And there is a reason why it would be seen as an issue. Obviously men do not menstruate.

A tweet from Israel Laryea

When the creative for the event went online, many condemned it for its all-male panel.

Tweet from Tony
Tweet against the panel
Tweet condemning the panel

However, others have also come to the defense of the men on the panel and the organizers of the event.

Supportive panel
Supportive tweet
A tweet supporting the panel
A tweet from Israel Laryea

Was the outrage justified?


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