8 Relatable Tweets About Using Face Masks

Photo credit: Aloha Glamour via Travelnoire.com

It almost feels like it doesn’t exist anymore but listen guys, Coronavirus is still very real!

Maybe we need Cardi B to scream it again for people to understand how real this is. The fact that there’s no lockdown doesn’t mean the virus has disappeared.

As part of Government’s plans to manage the spread of the disease, face masks have become compulsory for everyone.

And with this comes several new problems!

People are tired of it, people are struggling to remember to use it… this new adaptation is proving difficult but, we still have to endure it for the sake of our health and the best part is… you’re not alone!

These are some tweets we know you’d relate to!

From relatable tweets to pure jokes, we know you’d laugh or say “right?!” a few times!

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