5 Things Fashionistas Can Relate To During These Times

Lonely, depressed gif from giphy.com

Corona has hit everyone hard but we cannot help but feel sorry for our very own fashionistas.

Most of them depend on occasions to show the world who is boss and always have people talking about them during any and every event.

Now that there aren’t any events, we can’t help but check up on them. Are y’all okay?

Here are 5 things we know they relate to.

1. Joining every challenge that includes dressing up

Don't Rush Challenge
Image of a lady who did the Don’t Rush Challenge Source: allthingsankara.com

They don’t have any choice. How else would people know that they’re still around? If you noticed, they were part of the first people to do the Don’t Rush Challenge and they probably did it with different sets of people because of… well, that means, more dress up. They use the seriousness they use for red carpet events to select makeup looks and clothes to be used for the challenges.

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