UK Based Ghanaians Launch Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Ghana Based Artists

Ghanaian Artist

The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on finances. It means families are having to cut back on luxury and focus of basic necessities, food rent, electricity and others.

Some of the people whose revenue stream have completely dried up are artists – both performing and installation artists.

To help them receive some cash flow and keep them going while their business is still affected by the pandemic, a group of Ghanaians have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support the artists.

“One of the many groups of people being affected by this sudden change in the way we live and work is artists, many of whose livelihoods depend on producing and showcasing, or performing, work – things they will be largely unable to do for some time to come,” the campaign notes.

With a goal to raise GHS 21,328 the campaign has currently raised GHS 3,128.

Already, GHS 2,400 of that amount raised have been disbursed to 8 artists who applied for assistance.

You can also support the campaign by clicking here.


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