Stephanie Benson Reveals An Assassin Has Been Hired To Kill Her

Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson has revealed that someone wants her killed.

The singer posted a video on Twitter where she narrated how she got to know about the deal to get her assassinated.

She said that she received a text message this morning from a man named Suleman, who told her that he has been hired by somebody who wants her dead.

When Stephanie Benson asked him why he is informing her about the assassination, he said he wants to tell her because he likes her and he thinks she is a nice woman.

According to her, the gentleman had been paid for the assassination. She, however, made it known to him that she is not scared and that he can go ahead with his assignment.

“Obviously I have done something wrong that’s why somebody wants me dead… And if you have taken the money do your job… Me I am waiting for you oo, I am not scared,” she told the man.

“Give their money to them or try and come and find me and kill me,” is what she told the gentleman, who said he didn’t want to kill her.

Watch her narrate the story in the video below:

A video posted by Stephanie Benson on a plot to assassinate her


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