Sarkodie Through The Years, Then And Now

Sarkodie’s story (images via Social media //@sarkodie

Gallery: Sarkodie Through The Years, Then vs Now

All Sarkodie’s done is give back to back hits. He’s already reached legend status with lots of artists citing him as their inspiration.

image via Twitter @_abdularafat photographer

He’s “come from far” and this is an appreciation and motivational post.

Sarkodie is the 4th out of 5 children and spent most of his young life in Tema. He described himself as timid and very quiet when he was young and… don’t go crazy over how much he looks like his daughter here:

A young Sarkodie (image via Twitter//@gyaigyimi)

Just for context… look!

Sarkodie’s daughter Titi (image via

From Achimota Preparatory school, it was not surprising that Sarkodie attended Tema Methodist Day Senior High School before going on to study Graphic Design at IPMC (someone ask him for an artwork!)

throwback photo of Sarkodie//image via Twitter @Sarkodie

He started rapping as early as age 4 and was known for his skill everywhere he went. He started rapping anywhere and everywhere just because he wanted to rap.

Throwback photo of Sarkodie//image via @Sarkodie

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