Grief In The Digital: The Guilt Of Letting Go

Kobz and Jessica

People grief in different ways.

In a digital age, some chose to mourn the passing of their loved ones by putting up their pictures on their statuses.

Some change their profile photos to their deacesed loved ones.

Others also set the image of their deceased loved ones as their lock screen.

These are very recent ways of mourning our dead ushered in by the creation of the smart phone.

However, this new way of mourning is also creating a new problem – the issue of guilt.

Young people who are mourning their loved ones by using their images as their phone lock screen and others are going through another emotional problem of guilt.

Guilt of not mourning enough, the guilty feeling of moving on.

@ManlikeKobzuna on Twitter lost his dear Jessica Badu more than two years ago.

To mourn Jessica’s passing, he used a photo of them as his phone’s lock screen.

It would stay so until two and half years when he gathered the courage to change the photo.

As it suggests him getting over of the grief – Kobz had to get over feeling guilty.

This psychological trauma of dealing with the death of a loved one and the guilt one feels of letting them go.

Since Kobz shared his story, others have also shared similar stories of their difficulty in letting go.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell us about it.


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