All The Songs You Heard In Netflix’s Blood And Water

Nasty C’s Juice Back ft Davido was featured

Netflix’s new show, Blood and Water has been trending for awhile now ever since it premiered last week Wednesday. It’s the hottest new show everyone is currently watching and the best part is, it’s an SA original (South Africa).

It feels good knowing an African show is trending worldwide on Netflix and as much as we enjoyed the show, the best part was the music!

Amazing music!!!

From the super emotional SMA from Nasty C and Rowlene

To Juice Back from Nasty which featured Davido and Cassper Nyovest

And oh, the viral John Cena track from Sho Madjozi

These are all the songs from the South African Netflix show, Blood and Water.

  • Kaz – Real Love
  • Dope Saint Jude, “Liddy”
  • Atlay, “Look What I’ve Found”
  • Cr4sh5ifty, “No Love!”
  • Amanda Black, “Ndilinde”
  • Lady X & Afrikan Roots, “Seasons”
  • Lady X & Afrikan Roots, “Who”
  • T.Em. “Sun Down”
  • Egg Foo Young & Munzie, “All for You”
  • Nasty C feat. Rowlene, “SMA”
  • Nasty C feat. Rowlene, “I Need You”
  • YoungstaCPT, “YVR”
  • Lastee & Crowned Yung feat. Nasty C, “Chardonnay”
  • Sho Madjozi, “Huku”
  • Black Motion feat. Uhuru & Lady X, “Richi Richi”
  • Sho Madjozi, “Idhom”
  • Nasty C feat. Crowned Yung, “God Flow”
  • Lastee & Crowned Yung, “Oopsey Daisy”
  • Kaz, “Tell Me”
  • Tshego feat. Gemini Major, & Cassper Nyovest, “Hennessy”
  • Tellaman feat. Nasty C & Da Les, “SAP”
  • Mr. Kamera & Guspy Warrior, “Dhora”
  • Beat Sampras, “Good Girl”
  • Manana, “Hey Now”
  • Amanda Black, “Thandwa Ndim”
  • Rowlene, “Cupid”
  • Red Robyn, “Dust and Iron”
  • Rowlene, “Stay”
  • Msaki, TRESOR, & Kid X, “Pearls to Swine”
  • Amanda Black, “Hamba”
  • Tellaman, “Practice”
  • Kaz, “Real Love”
  • Lastee & Crowned Yung, “Zulu King Arthur”
  • Reason feat. Kid X & Kwesta, “O Suna Mang”
  • YoungstaCPT, “YASIS”
  • Sho Madjozi, “John Cena”
  • Nasty C feat. DaVido & Cassper Nyovest, “Juice Back (Remix)”

Apple Music users can add this playlist to their library: Netflix Blood & Water Faves.


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