#MusicUnboxed: McRay Definitely Did Justice To His First Afrobeats Song

Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed feature with McRay

Remember what we used to say about BMW?

That it meant “Be my wife?”

And remember how we used to associate it with the BMW car?

Now we may have outgrown that but for McRay, those two are still very much linked.

McRay is a student looking forward to expand his business knowledge at UPSA and for him, one dream he’s always had is to make money and get the love of his life a BMW car brand.

Just like the car, the artiste calls his song, BMW a classic. 

“After recording, I listened to it several times and it always felt new”

McRay on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

BMW is McRay’s first afrobeats song. Known more for being a rapper, the artiste got tempted when he first heard a beat Quamina MP was working on for Kwesi Arthur.

The beat inspired him and he immediately got a hook ready. He prepared for a verse as well and a week later, Quamina MP played him a new beat with his hook and it was perfect…

Getting Kwame Yesu to feature on the song was not a problem at all because the second he heard the song, he recorded his verse and sent it immediately.

McRay on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

“Kwame Yesu wasn’t going to take No for an answer. He really wanted to be a part of this”

It took McRay about 3 years to finally drop this song. 

 Maybe it was the nerves because he was singing for the first time on a song or it was because he was dipping his foot into a genre he wasn’t completely familiar with but this year, he just knew the time was right and he dropped BMW.. a sweet-sounding Afrobeats song perfect for wooing a love interest.

“ The feedback has been encouraging. People are surprised I can sing that pleasantly but, I mean, that’s the whole point. Acceptance”

He explained that part of the reason for sitting on BMW for so long was because he needed to establish himself as a rapper first. 

Right now, he’s looking forward to dropping more commercial music soon and we honestly cannot wait to see what this young artiste’s sound will grow into.

Follow the artiste on Twitter @McRayonline and Instagram @McRayOnline and listen to his song, BMW ft Kwame Yesu and produced by Quamina MP on our Music Unboxed Playlist.

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