Fashion Brand Tribe Of Elzar Talks Effect Of Coronavirus On The Fashion Industry

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The Fashion Industry has been hard hit due to the unprecedented nature of the Coronavirus. A once vibrant fashion industry is Ghana has been left to fend for itself. With the Government slashing the cost of electricity and canceling of water bills for three months, fashion brands have not necessarily benefited much from the government.

Ghanaian Fashion Brand “Tribe Of Elzar” tells us how Coronavirus is affecting the Ghanaian Fashion front. Known for having the modern woman in mind, Tribe of Elzar is focused on creating affordable luxury pieces with attention to craftsmanship and premium design with innovative methods.

The Fashion industry has seen a shift in consumers priority from spending less on clothes and expenses directed to food supplies.

Tribe of Elzar

The fashion industry satisfies a basic human need apart from food and shelter. However as a result of this pandemic, there has been a decrease in sales. Consumers are less concerned about spending money on clothes as it is not seen as a major necessity. Considering the times, shopping for clothes could be considered a luxury many can’t afford.” Tribe of Elzar said in an interview with Kuulpeeps

“Expenses are directed towards buying food supplies and safety kits for survival. Also, occasions, parties, outings and gathering barely exist at the moment, hence no pressing need to shop” Elzar added.

Fashion brands around the world and especially in Ghana were not prepared for a pandemic, therefore adequate plans were not fully in place to curb the effect of the virus. The Fashion industry has seen a change by transforming their physical stores into digital. “One obvious change is that most of not all physical fashion stores are closed. Fashion Businesses are now seeing the importance of going digital, in terms of sales, promotions, runway shows, collection releases, and interviews“.

Tribe Of Elzar

In reducing the earth’s pollution, here’s what Tribe of Elzar had to say “The fashion industry is said to be a major contributor to earth’s pollution, key players are beginning to think about the need to be sustainable in its operations and end product. Corona has shown us that we are more connected than we think, hence the need to not just produce garment but operate in a way that is ethical and sustainable for humans and the environment.

Some Fashion accessories have become a necessity, The nose mask will become a norm. “The pandemic has given rise to the use of the face mask. It is now seen a major accessory and the fashion industry is taking up the opportunity to create effective (still in process) yet fashionable fabric face masks that appeals to its consumers.

Tribe of Elzar

With the Coronavirus having a colossal effect on almost every industry, the future for the fashion industry is sustainability. Coronavirus is going to be the new way of life. Tribe of Elzar details how the future of the Fashion industry will be post coronavirus.

It is hard to say how long this is going to last, there are speculations that this might just be our new way of life. Either way, it’s effect might go both ways:

1. A sporadic increase in sales as consumers may feel the need to overspend on items they have been coveting.

2. A change in consumer behavior as consumers will begin to demand more environmentally friendly and sustainable products, hence a decrease in fast fashion.

It is hard to tell what the future holds after this wind blows, however whatever change that comes with it, I am certain it will challenge the industry current standards.”

There has been numerous global store closures, drops in stock prices in the stock market, alot of fashion shows have been cancelled. With all the necessary measures put in place, we will be able to adjust to the new norm. A new system needs to be built the wellbeing of people should surpass that of profit.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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