Pascaline Edwards Through The Years: From The 90s Till Now

Pascaline Edwards then and now (images via Instagram,

Pascaline Edwards is definitely one of the names that comes to mind when you think back on old Ghanaian movies.

She’s one of the veteran actresses who contributed greatly to the Ghana film industry.

Throwback photo of Pascaline Edwards via

Born in Togo before moving to Ghana and attending Ghanatta Senior High School, Pascaline Edwards has always shown an interest in acting.

Pascaline Edwards when she was younger (Image via Instagram//@pascalineedwards)

She joined the acting group, Talent Drama Group where she featured in several stage plays until we first saw her in the movie, ‘Diabolo’ but it wasn’t until her role in ‘Stab In The Dark’ that Ghanaians became fixated with the actress.

In the movie, she played the role of a student who seduced her friend’s father and ruined their happy home.

Pascaline Edwards featured in several movies since the 90s (image via

After becoming a hit, Pascaline went on to act in several more movies in Ghana and Nigeria!

She set up a film acting institute, Film Techniques in 2007 to train actors and also started a Fitness centre as well.

Pascaline Edwards in some old movies (image via

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