5 Reasons Why Mondays Are Just Bad Vibes

Nobody has ever in the history of Monday’s said TGIM- Thank God It’s Monday. Monday’s just brings a lot of work, headaches and heartaches and we know you can relate.

The only time where we don’t totally hate it is on days like today, where it falls on a holiday and so the week officially starts on a Tuesday but when you work within certain places like the Bank or in the Media or Health Work, you still have to work on such holidays which makes the hate even worse.

We know some of you are working or schooling from home now but it doesn’t seem to be any different. Monday’s are still bad vibes. We are sure you’ll be able to relate to these reasons.

1. It cuts the weekend short

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Whyyyy do we have to endure 5 whole days of work/school and stress and headaches and having to deal with other human beings and have just 2 days to unwind?? So if you manage to sleep on Saturday and you go out to have fun on Sunday, when do you rest from the weekend before starting work again?? We really want to have a talk with the person who looked at the calendar and said we have to live like this.

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