5 Of The Strangest African Marriage Traditions

Wodaabe Men get all made up to be picked by women (image via africanexponent)

Weddings are beautiful things and in Africa, weddings are exceptional because of the plenty traditions that are rife on our side of the world.

It’s Africa Day and we came across some really weird traditions some cultures take part in as part of their marriage ceremonies.

Some of them have been discontinued and some are rarely done now but whatever the case is, here are a few that will charge up your interests.

“Lash me one more time”

Sharo festival. Photo credit: ask.naij.com

There’s a Fulani tribe in Nigeria where the men engage in a practice called “Sharo”. In Sharo, two men publicly flog each other to win a woman’s hand in marriage. The one who can go through this without flinching or crying wins!

According to the Guardian NG, this tradition tests and proves the strength and resilience of the men as nomadic Fulani are known for their hardwork, discipline and courage.

There’s usually a referee who makes sure the flogging does not lead to life threatening injuries. The game ends when one person starts begging for the game to end.

crazy right?

Now… quick question, would you let a relative sleep with your man before you marry him?

Click the number below to see where it’s a compulsory tradition!


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