You Could Be Pregnant And Never Know. Read About Cryptic Pregnancy Here

You could be pregnant and wouldn’t have the slightest hint about it?

Oh yeah, it’s very possible and this type of pregnancy is known as the cryptic pregnancy.

Cryptic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy that conventional medical test may fail to detect.

Both urine or blood pregnancy test will be negative due to a hormonal imbalance popular knows as (HCG).

Most women with this condition only find out even they start having contractions or Labor pains.

With cryptic pregnancy, you may have no signs and symptoms of pregnancy and have your regular menstrual cycle.

Imagine you being pregnant only for you to find out few hours or minutes into labour lol scary right.

Well, this is not to scare you but just to keep you informed.

Protection during sexual intercourse is the best way to prevent situations like this.


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