Viral Video: Your Friends Must Show Up Like This When You Get In A Fight

Getting ready for a fight

Friends are everything. They can prop you up to become the best version of yourself or they can also lead you astray.

Choosing one’s friends is a key part of our social life.

Everyone needs those friends who will pull up and come to your defense when you get yourself involved in a fight.

But, the question is who among your friends will have your back and most importantly, how will they show up to the battle field to fight for you.

Bodybuilder who uses the Twitter handle @ArmsKorleone asked his friends to send him a video on how they would have his back if they saw him involved in a fight.

He then shared the video on Twitter and it has since gone viral.

The video ArmzKorleone shared

Now… if your friends do not pull up like this…. you’ve got to change them…


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