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If you want a daily show which provides knowledge on Ghana and cuts across all sorts of topics including Music, Fashion, Beauty, places to visit and even different movies to watch, you need to watch the Kuulpeeps Top 10 Show.

We have over 25 different videos including compiled Kumawood special effect scenes, hilarious videos of Clemento Suarez, drinks that every Ghanaian should know about, celebs that came into the spotlight because of social media and even the best Ghanaian rappers in Ghana.

Watch some of them below.

1. 10 Of The Best FIFA Soundtracks Of All Time

2. 10 Classic Ghanaian Gospel Songs We Will Forever Keep Singing

3. 10 Really Cool Places To Spend The Weekend At In Ghana

4. 10 Most Popular Cell Phones Of The 2000s

5. 10 Movie Scenes From Bishop Bernard Nyarko Which Proved His Versatility As An Actor

6. 10 People Social Media Made Famous In Ghana

7. 10 Ghanaian Beverages/Meal-On-The-Go You Need To Try

8. 10 Amazing Tourist Sites In Ghana You May Not Know About

9. 10 Hilarious Videos Of Clemento Suarez

10. 10 Ghanaian Musicians Who Made It Into The Music Industry Through Talent Competitions

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