6 Types Of ‘Angwamoo’ Recipes You Should Try

If we have to explain what angwamoo is, then there’s a problem- a big one!

Why? Angwamoo is a state of the mind! It is a way of life! It is an anthem! Can I get an Amen in here!

If your d-bee level is LEGENDARY and you’re still trying to figure out what angwamoo is, it simply is rice cooked with oil. While some people choose to eat it with the tasty ground pepper usually accompanied by sardines, others choose to go the spicy way by eating it with “shito”.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been eating the regular angwamoo, and quite frankly, it is getting boring. Allow us to show you these six types of angwamoo which you can easily whip up in minutes.

The Coconut Oil Recipe

Ditch vegetable oil! Introduce your taste buds to the coconut oil flavor. Cook your angwamoo with coconut oil for that earthy and natural taste. Trust us, angwamoo cooked with coconut oil will get you finishing your rice while it is still on fire charley…because the aroma….! Plus, it’s a healthier cooking choice.

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