Stephen Appiah Reveals How Peer Pressure Nearly Ruined His Dreams

Stephen Appiah, former captain of the Black Stars (image via West Ham United)

Former captain of the Black Stars, Stephen Appiah has revealed how he resisted the pressure from his friends and focused on his dreams of becoming a footballer.

Stephen Appiah grew up in Chorkor, a small fishing community in Accra.

In an interview on Joy FM Sports Link, on May 23, 2020, Stephen Appiah recounted how difficult life was for him as a boy growing up in Chorkor.

In a community were where most of the kids, due to poverty, are exposed to all kinds of social ills, Stephen Appiah was an exception.

Appiah stated that he feels blessed, taking into consideration where he started from and where he is now.

“Growing up in Chorkor wasn’t easy,” he said.

Stephen Appiah during his playing days for the Black Stars (Getty Images)

According to him, at a point, he was hanging out with some “hard guys” in Chorkor who engaged in certain things that he did not like.

“I had been moving with hard guys in the area… At a point, we were all sleeping in a trotro and you will see some of the guys, they will wake up at night to do their own thing. At times, they will wake you up to join but it wasn’t my thing,” he said.

He states that he had wanted to become a successful footballer and decided to focus on doing that.

“I had in my mind that I want to play football so whatever I have to do to become a successful footballer, I had to… And one thing I realised was that I had to take my training seriously and I have to have passion with whatever I want to do, and that’s what I did and today I’m sitting here as Stephen Appiah.”


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