Social Media To the Rescue: David Needs Your Help To Fund His Medication

David has been battling an immune system disease for a year now

David, who has been battling an immune system disease for a year now, needs your help to raise funds for his medication and hospital visits.

The immune system disease he has been diagnosed with has no cure and can only be managed. He is also unable to move due to the disease.

David has also been diagnosed with diabetes and ulcer which make it hard for him to eat.

David’s friends have been raising funds among themselves to take care of his feeding, drugs and nurse care. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected their income, hence making it difficult for them to raise as much funds.

His friends are now seeking the benevolence of people to raise money to care for him.

David’s friend have targeted an amount of $2,000.

You can help David by sending your donation via Vodafone Cash number 0506900162 (Account name: Solomon Dapaa).

You can also visit David’s GoFundMe page to donate.

A tweet by David’s friend asking for support

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