Meet ZaZa, The 5 Year Old Rapper

ZaZa the young rapper (image via Instagram//shot by bcsphotography)@Redcarpetgirlz)

While some kids are busy crying, sleeping and giving their parents trouble, this kid is hustling hard!

Meet Zahara Bean aka Zaza.

ZaZa performing on the Disney Channel

ZaZa is a 5 year old rapper.

She first shot to fame when her dance moves took the internet by storm and she was invited as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2019 (She was 4 years old at the time)

ZaZa with American rapper, DaBaby via Instagram//@redcarpetgirlz

She was dancing to Schoolboy Q’s “Water” and everyone couldn’t get enough of her.

the video that first went viral

With the help of her Dad, she recorded and dropped her first single, “What I Do” which became an instant hit and then went ahead to drop “That’s a No No” ft another young rapper.

ZaZa for Puma via Instagram @redcarpetgirlz photo shot by @ambersaly

On Ellen’s show, she described herself as “bad and bougie and cute.”

And… we agree! 

She’s performed in several places, gone on interviews and currently has a 6 track EP out called Da Boss Baby EP! 

ZaZa at her 5th birthday party. Image via @redcarpetgirlz (photo: bcsphotography)

She also inspired North, Kim and Kanye’s daughter to rap at her dad’s Yeezy Fashion show earlier this year. Apparently she’s a huge fan of ZaZa!

Check out these music videos from the YouTube star, ZaZa!

The Famous “What I Do” 

ZaZa’s single, What I Do

“That’s A No No”… a personal favourite!!!

ZaZa’s single with That Girl Laylay

“Girls Run Everything” because yes, we do!!!

The 5 year old rapper, ZaZa

ZaZa is an absolute sweetheart and her energy in the music videos are priceless!!! Check out her EP on all streaming platforms (Da Boss Baby) and watch her interview herself here:

via Redgirlzcarpet Instagram


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