Jason Derulo‘s Most Insane TikTok Videos

Jason Derulo is King of Tiktok

Jason Derulo usually comes to mind when we think of throwback music. Back when we used to dance to “Wiggle Wiggle” and shout the lyrics of “Watchu Say” and “Talk Dirty”, we knew the singer was talented because he had many of us arguing…”Chris Brown or Jason Derulo?” because the two could sing and DANCE!!

Now, turns out Jason has some other talents. The lockdown, currently still ongoing in the USA has brought out his editing skills and… they’re impressive!

Tiktok has become the place where anyone who’s bored can put up some quick video content. Several trends have come out of TikTok and they’re usually cute and funny but… Jason Derulo’s TikTok… it seems like the man went to study a course in it because lmao!

They’re funny but the editing is on steroids!
Take a look!

Did his head just slide off his neck?!!!!!!!


The time he broke his teeth from eating corn

When he turned into a dog or his dog turned into him (that is a half dog half human)

The case of the invisibility cloak (Harry Potter fans, relax)

How is this even humanly possible??!!

Jason Derulo is having fun and you would too if you stalk his TikTok (@JasonDerulo) and watch the hundreds of videos he posts in a day!

And someone tell him to start a master class on TikTok because we are ready for it lol!

source: kuulpeeps.com

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