Different Fascinator Options To Choose From For Your Event

Image of a fascinator on a someone Source: @allure_by_jennys on IG

Fascinators have become a huge deal when it comes to events especially weddings. They are head accessories that women wear to complement their outfits to events.

If you want to take our outfit from “oh okay” to “wow!” try exploring the different fascinators out there.

1. Fascinators are meant to be worn on the side of the head; wearing it in front of the head could be very uncomfortable. Most people stick to wearing it on the right side.

Image of a fascinator on a mannequin Source: @fascinators_by_benna on IG

2. There are different ranges and types of fascinators you can choose from. They’re made of different materials and colours so you choose the one you want depending on your clothes or how often you want to be able to wear the fascinator.

Image of a model wearing a fascinator Source: @hatboxco on IG

3. If you’re going with the last point, you may want to get a gold coloured one since it fits any coloured dress you would want to wear.

Image of a fascinator on a mannequin Source: @hatboxco on IG

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