This! This Is Why Artists/Artistes Struggle To Make Money In Ghana

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

When Kuulpeeps spoke to Ghanaian artist Bright Ackwerh, he told us something very interesting. In fact, he told us a lot of interesting things. You can read all that good stuff here, but today we want to focus on one thing in particular. That’s royalties.

Photograph of Bright Ackwerh taken by Kwame Pocho

When Bright received a commission from overseas, he experienced the royalty system first-hand. That system meant that Bright would not just receive a one-time payment for the art that he was making. No, he would be paid anytime that his art was reproduced.

This means that if a thousand copies of a book are produced with his art in it, he will get a commission for each of those books. And that holds across artforms abroad. If you use a musician’s song for say an advert, you have to pay them for the use. So, the more you use their song, the more money they make. Beautiful!

Photo Of Bosom P Yung From Atta Adwoa Music Video

However, that is not the case here.

Interaction Where ABSA Bank Formerly Known As Barclays Is Accused Of Illegally Using A Bosom P Yung Song In An Advert. Interaction Has Been Truncated To Fit Context.

As you see above, Ghanaian artists believe that they are being failed by non-existent or lax legislation when it comes to their rights over their own art. This led to the hashtag on twitter; #Iamhungry which saw musicians coming together in protest.

Photo of Edem

The Hashtag Was Sparked By This Tweet From Edem

Here, You See DBlack Even Suggest That Music Alone Is Not A Sustainable Source Of Income

Undoubtedly Though, Our Artists Deserve Better. And they’re Asking For It

This issue is frustrating because your parents aren’t going to take your dreams of pursuing music seriously. How can they, when our systems are not designed to an artist’s benefit?

It is much safer to give up your dreams and find a stable job. But nobody wants to live in a dreamless world, and that’s why we need better systems.

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