The Biggest Hit Makers In Ghana Right Now

Kuami Eugene and Wendy Shay

Now before any of you start shredding us to pieces… relax.

These artists are the royalty of the masses, Kings of the airwaves!

This is a list of people whose songs get played back to back on every radio station the minute it drops. 

It’s a ‘whether you like it or not, you will know this song’ type of situation and that’s why we are calling them Kings of the airwaves!

Everyone in the streets knows their song!

Kuami Eugene 

image via Instagram

Your grandparents know who Kuami Eugene is. They can sing his songs.

Don’t listen to the people who think he doesn’t make good music because lol I know three year olds in my zongo hood who can sing his songs word for word without skipping a beat! 

We promise you, he can go on tour in every region in Ghana and still pull in crazy numbers for each show!

How about your fave huh??

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